Monday, March 18, 2013

Teaching the Elders to Respect their Elders 

We have been assigned to a small city in the Andes Mountains next to Chile.  Scott will be the branch president as we try to grow the branch from it's current attendance of fifteen.  The area has been closed for three months so if we can get it up and running President Lovell will send out other missionaries to help us.  We hope to have extra missionaries by the end of April.  Some of our members live in Chile so we are already making plans to go visit them and invite them back to church.  They say the fishing is awesome, and everyone we talk to tells us how lucky we are to go to this little Welsh city in the mountains where there are beautiful lakes and such.  We are expecting it to be very cold.  There are actually some ski resorts that are not too far away. It will be an eleven-hour drive to get there.

We should get our car tomorrow.  Right now there is only one other working car in the mission - President & Sister Lovell's Toyota Forerunner.  We are hoping for a Sequoia!  We would be happy with a Yugo...

We have had excellent food.  Two days ago we thought we would try a little steak and it has to be one of the best we have ever had.  The pastries are also very good.

Today is our P-day so we are going to wash our clothes and shine our shoes.....and go to Walmart!  We will probably buy an empanada or something.  So far all of the dogs have hair and are super nice.  Never seen such well-behaved dogs.  Nor have we seen a single spider or insect!  This is a very clean place.  I arm wrestled the APs yesterday and gave them a lesson or two.  In the photo you will see that President Lovell caught us in the kitchen....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Off we go!

The trip from Provo, Utah to Argentina took a total of thirty-six hours to get to the mission home.
Now we will be assigned to a specific area of the mission.
We are told it will take another eleven hours to get there by car.

Friends at the MTC in Provo

Sister Gibson

Elder Herbert 

Elder Allen 

Sister Horst 

Sister Crockett 

Senior Missionary District with Sister Fillmore