Saturday, November 23, 2013

Oct 2013 - Breanna & Zachary

Oct 2013 - Scott & Ann

On monday for Family Home Evening (FHE) we created a Jeopardy game.  It was really fun for the ward members and our attendance at FHE has doubled - we now average around 24 and we can't afford to feed everyone.  We think we will just heat up more water and pass more MATE around to get them full.

We found a really cool (new) fast-food restaurant that offers the traditional pizza, pasta, and empanadas but the awesome thing is that every Thursday they celebrate with international recipes and this last week we had Chinese food - how cool is that? Previous to that we have had Hungarian goulash and Arabian chicken.  Thursday is practically our favorite day now!

We have a new investigator - his name is Mario and he is the son of a member.  He recently came to town to live with his dad and start a new life.  We got to know him through teaching his dad and now he has asked if we can teach him too.

We taught the YM how to play American Football this week.  We couldn't find a real football anywhere so we ended up purchasing a rugby ball for $35 and making do.
Our branch had a baptism this week.  Eliesar and Silvia were scheduled to be baptized on Saturday evening.  We had zone conference all day and when the Elders finally got back to Trevelin to round everyone up for the baptism, Silvia was missing.  She and Eliesar are brother and sister and live in separate homes on the same parcel of ground.  Eliesar had no idea where she was and had not seen her all day.  Silvia's two sons have had concerns about her being baptized because they are of another religion. One of her sons was at her house the night before trying to talk her out of it and must have "arranged" for her to take a little vacation so that she couldn't be baptized.  We will see when she shows up again.  Eliesar decided to move forward with his baptism and not wait for his sister to surface.

On Monday we got together with the District and had a BBQ called Choripan. After that, we went to see the tulip fields that are in bloom.  

The father of one of our part-member families told us this week that he wanted to take lessons and be baptized.  That was good news because for the past two years he has not allowed his wife and children to attend church or even have scriptures in their home.

We pulled off a nice Mother's Day for the branch with flowers (real and homemade), cake, alfajores, and a nice thought on paper with a bow. 
We had 68 people at church yesterday.  Thirteen of them were from the district, so if you back those out we really had 54 of our own.  That is a miracle to have so many people.  Nine of those were investigators!  The Mother's Day songs that the Primary kids sing were fabulous and it was a great Sacrament meeting. 

We received our new missionaries - an Hermana Solorzano from Ecuador and an Elder Finch from West Jordan.  We now have a trio with the Elders.

We continue to visit less-active families in the branch to teach them and encourage them to become active again.  We are finding good success with the Plan of Salvation lesson when we just draw it out on paper and then walk them through the scriptures that apply to each section.
One of our less-active young men was sustained to receive the Aaronic Priesthood (Sharo) this week and we are happy with his progress.  His entire family has come back to church and are a great support to the branch.

We have a young lady (Daiana) who wants to be baptized, but can't until she gets married to her novio (boyfriend).  She is diligent about reading the assignments.  This is the girl whose baby we gave a name and a blessing to about two months ago.  We had a great lesson with her this week and are excited to see her progress.  Gustavo, her novio, says they will get married in December so we will start to help them get prepared.

We were able to watch conference in English over the weekend - it was a real treat.  We spent two hours trying to invite and round up people to go see conference and in the end took a woman who was going to take the bus anyway.  It is sad that something so great as conference is not appreciated and treasured for what it really is.  We will keep working with our members to help them grow their faith.

We find ourselves being more direct with people as we realize we have been teaching some of them for two to three months now and need more action on their part to really progress.  We also realize that we are under seven months now to finish and want to reach more families in the time we have left.   We are sifting our current pool and constantly reevaluating what they need and where our efforts are best spent.