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Elder Zachary Asbell


So I'm leaving the office tomorrow. I'm super excited and can't wait to go back to the field. :) Romeo is going to be baptized this weekend. I'm sad that I'll miss it. 


We visited Romeo this past week and had to move back his baptismal date back a week - he is still working on a few changes. I hope that he will make is new date of November 23. We have been working hard to find some new apartments. We had to drive down about an hour to Iriga City to find a couple of apartments. One for a Senior couple and another for some sisters. We also started to stock the new apartments. Our less-actives are still doing well and I'm on my last week in the office. The last 9 months of my life have been the fastest 9 months of my life.

During the middle of our week, we had Typhoon Yalando. It didn't affect our mission too much. It caused power outages and other issues that kept everyone indoors, but the main damage was south of us.


We have been working hard and are trying to get all of these areas open. Hopefully we can do that. We are working really hard in our area and we have been seeing many successes. The past week we had 18 Less-actives attend church from our area, we also were able to find 5 new investigators. Our area is absolutely beautiful. We have lots of rice fields and amazing sunsets. 


The past week was super fun. We had the primary program for our ward. It was amazing. Songs were sung, tears were shed, noses were picked and the spirit was felt. It was one of the best sacrament meetings I have seen in on my mission. We were also able to spend sometime doing some finding this past week. We were able to meet a nice man named Rudy. He was really quite funny. He kept telling us that "as long as he thought about God and prayed that, that was good enough. As long as I have God in my heart, I'm doing my part." He must have said that 10 times. No joke. 


We had a busy week of work and got a lot of work done. I only have one more month in the office. We are hopefully going to be getting the approval from the Area Presideny to open up a group in Dalipay. That will make it so that all of our less-actives and also our investigators can attend church, without going bankrupt. 

We spent our whole saturday morning cleaning up the office, for the Area Presidency that is going to be coming here this week.

We spent our whole saturday morning cleaning up the office, for the Area Presidency that is going to be coming here this week.Conference was amazing!!! (Exclamation Mark) haha.  I have an announcement to make, this is the 2nd time that I have not fallen asleep anytime during the whole conference in my entire life time. Yeah!!!

The highlight of this week was welcoming in a ton of new missionaries and eating lots of good food at the mission home. Another highlight was seeing Elder Davis's package from his mom, which I then took and added a little bit extra to it. Elder Davis has a girlfriend from back at home and I just took off his parents address on the package and put his Girlfriends address. :) I then wrote a lot of inside jokes on it and made it look like the package came from her. haha It was super funny.

I also finally had one of my suits finished. It is a super one with the Philippines flag in it. It looks great.
Our area is doing good and we are hopefully going to have our group opened up by the time I leave. Brother Romeo has a baptismal date of November 17th the weekend before I leave. 

This was a great week.  I have started training my finance replacement, Elder Simmons.  He is super cool and one of the nicest people I know.  This week was a struggle with the proselyting work, but we were able to finish up all of the contracts and stocking of all the new apartments.  We are pleased to be opening up 7 new areas. 
This week we had a great experience. Every three months we have to go and pay Social Security Services (SSS) for President Reeder. It is the equivalent of going to the DMV. There are long lines and it is a big headache. We filled out all of the paper work and had President Reeder sign everything. We then took it down and waited in a really long line to pay for it. We pushed our way up to the counter and payed the amount that I thought we owed. We then took our remaining papers to another desk for final sign off. We waited and were cut in front of several times. Finally we got up to the front and she told us that we had put a wrong number down and that we had either paid to much or to little. She told us to figure it out and go work it out with he financial department. We finally figured out that we had been using the wrong bracket. We fixed it and paid an extra 149 Pesos. All while doing this a security guard was watching us, due to us sticking out like a sore thumb. Two white people with a rich Filipino. We then went back to her desk and she was gone. Everything around her desk was clean and she had timed out. We then asked a security guard how we could then finish this final paper work. He said that we would have to go to the General Line. This General line would be the equivalent of waiting in line for Splash mountain on the 4th of July, with out Fast Passes. We pulled a number and the number said 1502. We look up at then number counter and they were currently helping 1367. We were super far away. Each number took about 1-2 minutes, from the looks of it we were still about 2 or so hours away from finishing. The Guard that had seen it all went behind the desk of the timed out lady. He then came back over to us with a crumpled up piece of paper. I slowly unfolded it, It was a new number for us, the number said 1397. It was a tender mercy from our Heavenly Father. Within 20 minutes we were up there and we finished everything. We then thanked the gentleman. He was a life saver that day. 


I only have 7 more weeks here and I'll be getting my new finance assistant here today. I've been having a really great time, but I'm ready to let someone else take over so I can go and train.  I can't wait to get out and just work my tail off.

We are in the final week of Preparation for the new area. We are just about there and are still tying up a couple of loose ends.


I love my new mission president. He is the best. He is a country boy from Parry, Utah and he is a lot like me. He just tells it the way that it is. I have loved working with him and have learned a ton from him. 

I wrote a poem last night and will attach it for you. This week has been a real struggle. We went to go teach Romeo and he was asleep. The Neighbors said that he was drunk. Well, it looks like we are back to square one. We will have to teach him about the Atonement and also how to forsake sin. We have also been trying to open up our new group out in Dalipay.  

It was Pena Fransica this week and all the Caltholics celebrated. It was crazy. There were fireworks and a ton of people. I have never seen such party people. 

What Manner of Bread ought ye to be / The Real Bread Winner

I didn’t start where I am right now.
There are many ingredients that had to come together, but I don’t know just how.
I started with a maker, he knew the way. He knew what I need every day.
He often would test me, to make sure I’d choose right. I tried to live up to his expectations, with all of my might.
While I was never perfect, he would work with me. It’s because he knew what I could truly be.
Then came more testing through heat and through fire, which only seemed to deepen my only desire.
I wondered at time what would happen to me, but my maker knew what I was foreordained to be.
I cherished the moments I spent with him, in his hands of love and care.
He taught me the plans and showed me the way; I knew that I could get there.
At last I was finished or so what I thought. The only problem is that I have forgot.
Others around me look like I do; I’m no longer special, as I once knew.
Most seem to be better than I ever will, they climb every mountain as if it a hill.
While others win ribbons of red and of gold, I seem to get older and think that I’ll mold.
I finally am chosen to my dismay, I’m set on a white tray for them to display.
I’m eventually covered in white as they pray, I remember my maker on this special day.
I then hear the voices of old and of young, and start to remember where I had begun.
There with my maker learning his plan, believing in Christ who’s more than a man.
I see my savior’s humble birth and want to share it with all the earth.
I see the Miracles, Yes every one and saw all the works he had ever done.
He paved the way for you and me; he lived a perfect life that we might be.
He bled for us out of every pore, He paid the price for me and for more.
He suffered and gave all he had, to answer the law for all of the bad.
He shows us mercy a beautiful gift. While Satan his brother only wishes to sift.
Nailed to the cross he willingly went, always remembering the purpose of why he was sent.
He died on the cross and entered the tomb, just thirty-three years after leaving the womb.
Three days now finished the stone rolled away, his linen neatly folded for some future day.
He fulfilled his purpose and he did his part, for some of us now it’s our time to start.
The singing soon stops as they sit quietly. I notice I had been broken so carefully.
The Prayer then given with power and fervor, while the partakers promise to remember in every endeavor.
They choose to follow the commands of god, while others might find them rather strange and odd.
They stand as witnesses of his son, and wait to hear the words “Well Done.”
These people are changed these people are new; they are quite similar to me and to you.
They know their purpose while here on earth; some of them have known it through their rebirth.
No matter the trial no matter the sin, through Christ alone we all can win.
Go back to our maker who’s our best friend and live with him without an end.
That is our purpose and reason of strife, that we may all gain eternal life.
Straight is the gate and narrow the path, to gain all that the father hath.
I didn’t start where I am now, but I sure can tell you now, just how.


Romeo is doing really well and he is really excited about his baptismal date of October 5th. It was super great teaching him this week. Yesterday, we taught him about our Heavenly Father and reviewed how we are made out of our image. We used D&C 130: 22-23 and also used Genesis 1:26-27. We also reviewed about prophets. It was a super enjoyable lesson. He then had a great question,  he asked "Why don't all of the Catholics know that we have a Prophet, that receives revelation from God?" It was an honest heart felt question, that he really wanted to know. He keeps telling us how grateful he is that we have helped him to change and to learn about the true gospel and church of Jesus Christ. 

It is the start of Pena Franica for us. It is the largest party/festival in the whole Bicol Region. There are tons of people her, they are all celebrating a Catholic festival. There are huge crowds of people everywhere, and some times they close down some of the main streets in down town. 

We are hoping to have our new group of Dalipay opened up by next week. That way we can hold a real sacrament meeting out there for all of the members. Work is also going great in the office. We have finished a few apartments that we will need for next transfer. 

I'm going to start training my replacement in 21 more days. I will then be training him for a transfer. I will then hopefully be training and opening an area.

Well, we were able to go and work in our area for a little while this past week. It is going to be interesting opening up a group out there. Hopefully we will be getting that opened by next Sunday.  :)

I have a really great story about one of our investigators. So his name is brother Romeo, he is about 35-40 years old. He was a referral from one of our members, that works with him. He is a welder at a local construction company. We have been teaching him for over a month now. He has been progressing well and has the baptismal date of October 5th. :) He is most likely one of the most impoverished investigators that I have ever had. His house is made out of sticks and a little cement. He has four children that all live with him, they are all boys. In past lessons he has told us that sometimes he and his children go hungry and his children don't have enough money to go to school. So we were a little hesitant to teach him about the law of tithing, not wanting to scare him off before he gained a testimony of the Restoration. This week we decided that the time had come for us to teach him about the great law of tithing. We taught him and during the lesson he made the great comment of "I know that if i pay my tithing the Lord will provide a way for me to keep on eating and living" I was amazed to see the change in his countenance and in his faith. By far that is my favorite part of my mission. It is finding a natural man and turning him into a saint. Brother Romeo is known as the drunker and a man with a low standing reputation around his neighborhood. But now he has stopped drinking and smoking. He is now a faithful disciple of Christ. He has laid down his weapons of war just like the anti-nephi-lehies. He is changed and excited to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. He ceases to amaze me with his love and happiness. For a man who has been given so little, he has given so much back, both to his family and to others. I'm so grateful to my Heavenly Father for the opportunity of teaching such a great man. 

I'm having the time of my life.


Well, life is still the same here in the office. We now have a new area to take care of, we are in the smallest little group in all of naga zone. We are out in the sticks with all of the farmers. 

Funny story of the week. So I was ironing and I was making sure that I got all of the wrinkles out of my shirt. As I was doing so a lizard jumped out from under the ironing board. It ran just as I was gliding the iron around my shirt pocket. I wasn't paying to much attention, I ran over the poor little guy with the whole iron. After I did that he unleashed his tail and it started to dance and wiggle around, in doing so it sprinkled blood on my shirt. The lizard then ran off of the ironing board and under my bed. The tail of the lizard then kept on wiggling around for about a minute or two. I felt bad that I had hurt the little guy. Hopefully he will grow a new tail. 

This past week we have been working hard just to get all of the apartments set up for our new 14 areas.  They are coming together.


I'm enjoying my mission so much and am watching it fly by. It seems like everyday just goes so fast.  I wish I could just stop time sometimes and just bask in the moment. I have worked so hard and learned so much. I don't know what I would like, if I didn't serve my mission. I feel like a new and better person. I absolutely love my mission. 

I went to my old area this past week. We were looking for apartments, I was able to talk to one of the members that I used to teach. I was able to communicate with her so clearly, because before I was just so new with Tagalog. Her and her children are still going to church every week and are strong in the church.

We also had a zone activity this week, we went to a lagoon. It was fun and we were also able hear a devotional from President Reeder. Our new mission president is the best. He is so nice and funny. 


I'm eating lots of good food. We have a restaurant here called Chili Peppers. They have steak and ribs and really good fish. It is really cheap for a meal, because in the states would cost about double. I also eat lots of fruits. I had the coolest fruit this week, it is called a mangosteen.  It looks like a yoshi fruit. It is the purple fruit with white seeds and tastes really good.

We have been trying to get 14 apartments opened for this upcoming transfer and we are in our 5th week. So far we have only been able to finish two. That leaves us 12 apartments to do in two weeks. We are going to need some serious miracles with all of these apartments.

Well, during the past week I have been making contracts and creating paper work for the 14 areas that are going to be opened up this next transfer. While we are excited to see the growth, I am starting to feel the growing pains. Trying to open up that many area is a real challenge. I had to deal with everything from angry landlords to even angrier Missionaries. The whole time I was doing this work, I kept thinking 'hey this is what my dad does for a living.' And then I remember my dad saying once to me "Zach you better get used to working with difficult people, because the world is full of them." Thanks dad for the great advice. How true it is. 

We now have a set date for our investigator to stop smoking and also to stop drinking. He now has a baptismal date of Sept. 14th. We are super excited for him. We were able to go to Daet this past week again and drop off a new missionary. We had a ton of fun. It was amazing how pretty it is up there. We were able to teach Mia Estiva and help her. The lesson ended up going on for about 2 hours it was a long lesson. We finally got home and it was 9:45. We were so tired. 

We had our Zone Conference and the power was out for the whole day. We sat there sweating the whole 6 hours. Unfortunately, most of the material was going to be on a projector too. When we finally finished and came back to the mission office, we saw a facility management worker who is our friend. We went over and said hi to him. He asked what we had done today and we told him about zone conference and how we had no power. He then said "why didn't you just turn on the Generator." Elder Maroket and I just kind of laughed and thought he was just joking with us. The funny part is that he was serious. There was a generator there the whole time we were suffering.

During on of our lunches this week, we went and ate at a little eatery that a member owns. I ate my food and it was really good, I finished quicker then my companion and noticed the little peppers sitting on the table. I picked on up and started to open it, it popped and all the seeds came out onto my hand. I then wiped them on to my plate. I didn't think anything about it. We soon left and headed to the mall to send off a package. As we were walking into the packaging store, I had an itch in my eye. I lifted my hand to my eye and itched it. With in seconds my eye started to swell until it was swollen shut. From the initial contact my eye felt like it was on fire. It was as if boiling water was being poured into my eye. I survived, and after about 20-30 minutes the burning stopped and I was able to start opening my eye. So moral of the story "Don't play with chili peppers and then touch your eye." haha :)


          All we think about is food and progressing the work. 

A list of Inspired Questions:

1. Where is my next meal going to be at?
2. Is it going taste good?
3. Who are our progressing Investigators?
4. When is your baptismal date?
5. What food are we going to have after the baptismal service?
6. Why do I have another chin?
7. How many Calories are in a pound?
8. How many calories do i burn if I run a mile?
9. When am I going to have time to run?
10. Will I have time to get in shape when I get home?

We have a progressing investigator and he is awesome. He has come to church twice now and he is progressing with word of wisdom. He also brought his two young children with him. They were so astig! (Astig = awesome) We have just been dealing with terrible internet and lots of stress in the office. Life is kind of like an ice cream cone, if you wait to enjoy it you get hosed. :) I hope we all have a great week of food and laughter.

We completed transfers. That was incredible  we had 6 missionaries leave and had 29 missionaries come in. I'm so tired from everything. I was able to go back to Daet, my first zone. We were able to eat at my favorite restaurant "Alvinos"  We took back some of the new missionaries to their areas. It was a great drive and had lots of fun. 
We had to split our area again, that was interesting. Our teaching pool is really small now and we are kind of getting used to building up our proselyting area and then having to give it away. We have one progressing investigator right now, he has a Baptismal date of August 24th. We hope that he will be ready and prepared for that date. 

I was able to orientate president on his online banking.  During this week we spent a lot of time at the mission home. Our president it hilarious, he was able to pick our brain for about 1 1/2, about missionary work and how the culture of the mission is here.   

So today for P-day we decided to go to lunch with Elder and a new Filipino elder. We were running late, because were we getting some office work done. So they got there a little earlier then we had expected. They pizza place was out of our favorite pizza and elder hao asked what kind of pizza we wanted. We told him that we didn't really mind what pizza he got. When we finally arrived to the pizza place we had to wait for another 10 minutes. When they brought the pizza out, we noticed that they had brought twice the amount of drinks then they usually brought out. We were puzzled and asked the Elder what he had ordered. He said that he had ordered a "Belly Buster and a Manager's Favorite" we then relized the mistake. With every pizza that we get that is specialty they give us a free pepperoni Pizza. We then had 4 super large pizza's for four people. It was madness, we were able to finish parts and pieces of each pizza. But in the end we were unable to finish it all. I was so full after that and we still had almost 2 pizzas left. We then paid and arm and a leg to get out of there with out washing dishes. Moral of the story, be careful who orders the pizza. Unless you want pizza for the next day or two. :) haha


I'm doing great and having a lot of fun. We are going to be welcoming 30 missionaries to the field this week. It's going to be a busy week.


Driving in Asia is crazy. We parked our car in a nice covered parking and someone backed up into us, while we were shopping. Later that same day, a guy driving a manual was holding the clutch and his car backed into us while waiting at an intersection. A few days later the senior couple used our car and they scraped the side of the truck on a gate. Our new truck now looks about as beat up as the Nissan Sentra.  

Smoothies make me happy. Last night I made a Banana/Rocky Road/Chocolate smoothie. It tasted amazing, the only problem was that the water that was in an ice tray didn't freeze all the way. So I'll have to try it again with more ice. But i'm thinking a good summer job will be "Boss Man's Smoothie Inc." It is still in the process of being created. haha

So, this week I ordered Pork Sisig, which is usually really good but this time it still had the skin and the pig hair on it. 

This past week has been great, we have worked so hard and now we get to prepare for transfers this next week. Yeah. So last Tuesday we welcomed a new missionary here to our mission. He is from Main Land China. Don't worry I used my amazing Asian accent to talk to him in English. He is super nice and funny. 

I also had many great spiritual experiences during this week. We were able to contact a referral from the ward. Nijelly, Nijelly, I don't know how we would have ever gotten into their house if Nijelly wasn't out side. (PMG) jk.   His name is Romeyo. He lives in a house that has been pieced together out of wood, rusty tin and other basic materials. He has three cute little boys, that also listen to us. His circumstance are humbling, and has a great love towards Jesus Christ. During our last lesson he opened up to us and told us some of the trails and experiences that he has had during his life. We were able to talk to him and comfort him. We were also able to give a blessing to him. The power of the priesthood is miraculous. I have seen miracles that have fortified my knowledge and faith in it. That same day, we went to the hospital to give a blessing to a sister in our zone who has Dengue (which entails having a fever and chills for about 2 weeks). These are some of the greatest moments in a mission.  I'm so grateful for my opportunity to serve here in the Philippines. I love the Lord's work and I love my savior. 

30 Jun 2013

We were able to split the mission. It was a challenge, but it is finished. We got our new president, it looks like we have a great president.  He is super nice and kind of a joker. I'm excited to get to know him better.    

We just bought a blender and I'm super excited to make some Mango shakes tonight.

17 June 2013

We are now having to hit some deadlines with all the changes that are coming July 1st.  We have to rearrange all of the housing online and we are dealing with dial-up internet so that makes for 4 frustrated elders. 
We worked super hard in the field and were able to get 9 lessons this past week. That isn't to shabby for office elders. I have my new companion who is super fun, he is from Quezon City. He loves car and is fun to be around, which is good. Because he is going to be my companion for the next 6 months in the office. 

10 June 2013

Well, this week has been pretty busy. We had 30 new arrivals in this batch and I had to orient them on the financial matters of the mission. I don't even think they could remember half of the stuff we went over because they were so jet-lagged. It was kind of fun to watch.

My trainee here in the mission office had a 17 miracles moment this past week. He was driving one of the president's cars and he scraped the left side of the car on the mission president's home. He then talked to the president. Our president was like "most of those scratches were already there. Don't worry about it, it needed to be replaced anyways." We both kind of sat there in a stupor. 

27 May 2013
Last Sunday we were at a less-active's home and it starting raining cats and dogs all at the same time. The water table began to rise, it was like titanic. Water started to fill the house that we were going to be teaching in. Without a second thought the father of the house bolted out of the house. He quickly found a shovel and started to build a trench that the water could drain to. I ran out to help Tatay (father) and we worked tirelessly until the trench funneled all of the water away from the house. 

After that, the father quickly showered and we taught his family. Immediately after we finish the lesson, I received a text saying. The truck is stuck in mud and we can't get it out. We then hurry to the aid the other office elder that we are training. They had the truck stuck in about 1 foot of mud. We tried pushing and also tried to put stuff under the tires to get traction, but to no avail. Finally we had a dump truck pull us out.

Today we had a district activity. We scaled the mountain to get to some of the prettiest waterfalls ever. We then took pictures and had a devotional up there.

19 May 2013

We had a few diner appointments this week that were great. The first one we had we had pig/ lechon fried with the skin still on it. We also had pork egg rolls. We just kept on eating until we were just stuffed.

I have also been eating a lot of mangoes because they are on season right now. I pay $1.50 for 2LBs. The dollar really goes further here. 

I found this place called Chilly Peppers. They have sea food and steak and pasta. It is really the best food that I have had on my mission.  

The first time that I ate there I got Jurassic Ribs. They were super good. 

Then next time I got pesto rice with a fish fillet. it then had melted cheese and tomato sauce on it. It was so good. The cool thing is that it was only $6 and it is huge. There are a few benefits to working in the city and good food is one of them!

5 May 2013

I had so many adventures this week.  We have a sister in our district and she hates fast food. So everyone in our district sacrificed and decided to make burritos instead. My companion and I were in charge of the most expensive part of the meal, the meat and the vegetables. The other elders were in charge of the rice and the sister was in charge of the re-fried beans and the tortillas. The morning of the district lunch Elder Gunnell and I were running around getting work done before our district meeting. Then Elder Collado called to tell us to pick up some paper products and also some drinks. We ended up being late to our district meeting and then had to handle some other financial matters for some missionaries. So we went to the last part of our district meeting. We finally reached the moment of excitement for our district lunch. The sister didn't want to make re-fried beans so she had made some sort of black bean, that had been pre-salted, salted and after salted. However we didn't know. So I load my burrito with these smashed up black beans. I then proceed to put the rest of the things on my burrito. I took a bite and forced out a half smile, I felt the salt burning and searing itself into my mouth. I then figured I would just put these down the drain. (Which was a pre-clogged drain, from months of people putting whatever they wanted down the drain such as hair, and other gunk.)  I went over drain and scraped off the beans and pluck the meat out of the beans. The pre-clogged drain then magically got clogged, and my mouth was still burning due to the salt. I then fixed the sink for  the next 15 minutes, when I finally got a back to the place that we were eating at, the other district had come along and finished all of the burritos. I then finished my salty burrito and thought to myself this day can only go get better.  After the district lunch, the sister came up and asked "So how was the Burrito?". I said "Hey, super good, who would ever eat fast food when we can have experiences like this." Hopefully she doesn't want to do another district lunch...because I'll be out of town!

Not long after that, I realized that I had locked my keys in my office along with the spares. We found that our window was opened on the outside. So we had to make a fishing pole in order to reach through the barred window and get the keys. It took us almost an hour to get them, but it was worth it in the end. 

My companion summed up that day pretty well. He said "If I would have know how painful and bad day this would have been, I wouldn't have woken up this morning." 



Wasn't General Conference amazing? Elder my favorite talk was by Elder Holland. Everyday one of my jobs is counting money and making sure that the mission is running smooth. I had a couple of great experiences this week, with the power of prayer. The first one I was missing a check. I prayed and then found where it was immediately. Another time I was off by about 500 pesos in the safe and couldn't find it. So then I prayed and I thought to look behind the money box in the safe I found the money literally less than 30 seconds after my prayer. Before I prayed I was working on it for about 30 minutes making sure that all my numbers were right. What a blessing pray has been in my life. Just think and ponder about the power of pray. We are able to talk to our Father in Heaven at any time, and he will always here our prayers and give us help. 

Elder Asbell 

What a great week. I'm having a great time in the office. I finally got my Drivers License. I get to drive a Ford Ranger 2.2 Liter Diesel V6 Truck. The brakes are a little tight on it because it is also brand new. The crazy thing about the philippines is that there are not that many rules to driving here and everyone just kinda does whatever they want - It's been crazy getting used to it. We have just been working hard and been enjoying the journey and making sure that everything is running smoothly for the mission. I will also get to train the new finance elder for the new mission opening up next transfer. 
We had Holy Week out here in the Philippines. Just about everything closed down for 2 days. We are super busy right now!

I got a call from the Mission President and I'm now the new Finance Elder for the mission. It's a 9 month calling. I'm sad because I'm going to have less time to teach and be with the people of the Philippines. But that license that we got at Triple A may come in handy, if you know what I mean. I'll be picking up the new missionaries and will see all of them.  

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